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Welcome to DoggyDayShare.com! We created this site to help connect dog owners in order to socialize their pets as well as explore alternatives to traditional dog day care and kennels. Our mission is to connect like-minded dog owners in similar geographical areas so that you can meet other dog owners in your area, arrange pet play dates, make new friends for both you and your pooch, and in turn you may find new friends to swap dog care with. DoggyDayShare.com essentially helps you barter time slots to create a fun low-stress solution to expensive and inconvenient dog care. DoggyDayShare.com wants pets to enjoy the kind of day care they deserve; one similar to their home environment, and pet owners to feel comfortable about who is watching their loved one without the cost or worry of a traditional kennel.

Customize your experience. Search for pet profiles that match your pet(s) in location, size or breed. Meet dog owners online to help socialize your pet at no cost. Private message other users to arrange play dates for your pets. Through networking with other dog owners you will soon create a team of dog owners and friends who love your pet as much as you do!

To help get you started, we’ve answered a few common questions about the site and how you can get started.



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